Classic ‘Batman’ TV series set


I saw this set advertised a few places and I thought I would share it with you guys. I’ve never seen LEGO do something like this before so it’s extra exciting for me, especially because I love batman AND classic stuff. It’s perfect! Can’t wait to buy it.


LoM: Untold Secrets in Elpis

Lom untold secrets

This is a MOC made my Professor B. On It has gotten this week’s most popular and it’s no question why. LoM (Land of Mythron) is a fictional Role-playing game which has gotten very popular around MOCpages. To see more LoM creations click here. To see more by Professor B, click here. Hope you like it!

The Silent Grove

Silent grove

The silent grove. A new creation by Tirrell Brown. Tirrell Brown’s creation here has so much detail it’s crazy. Look at the branches in the tree, and then look at the grass and the walls of the house. They all are very creative in their own unique way. Kudos to Tirell Brown! Here is his MOCpages homepage.

silent grove 2


But The Bard’s Song Will Remain…

lego cottage

This cute little cottage was built by P. Andrei of It’s creativeness got it a place in the week’s most popular creations (as most of his other creations do).

P. Andrei is a very creative builder and you can check out his stuff Here.